Kubernetes QUIZ



QUESTION1: Which company developed Borg (The Predecessor to Kubernetes) as an internal project?

QUESTION2: Which of the following are part of a Pod?

QUESTION3 : Which command would you use to drain a node named 'my-node' for maintenance ?

QUESTION4: Which command would you use to get the number of running pods in a specific namespace using JSONPath?

QUESTION5: In Kubernetes, a Deployment object is responsible for managing the lifecycle of Pods and ensuring a specified number of replicas are running.

QUESTION6: A StatefulSet in Kubernetes guarantees stable network identities and stable storage for its Pods.

QUESTION7: In what database are the objects and the state of the cluster stored?

QUESTION8: Orchestration is managed through a series of watch-loops or controllers. Each interrogates the ___________________ for a particular object state.

QUESTION9: What is the kubeadm command used for?

QUESTION10: Which of the following is the main binary for working with objects of a Kubernetes cluster?

QUESTION11: How many pod networks can you have per cluster?

QUESTION12: The ~/.kube/config file contains _____________.

QUESTION13: What is the smallest object or unit we can work with in Kubernetes?

QUESTION14: How many IP addresses can be configured for a Pod?

QUESTION15: What is the main configuration agent on a master server?

QUESTION16: What is the main agent on a worker node?

QUESTION17: From the smallest object to the largest, which is the correct order of the following Kubernetes objects?

QUESTION18: Which of the following is the template that describes the application to deploy, configurations, and dependencies suing HELM ?

QUESTION19: When a node has been tainted, what does a Pod require to be deployed on that node?

QUESTION20: What do we use when adding a new API object to kube-apiserver?