KCNA Certification Questions and Answers

Welcome to our Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate Questions and Answers blog! If you’re curious about Kubernetes and cloud native technologies or preparing for the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate certification exam, you’ve come to the right place.

These questions are not REAL KCNA EXAM questions ; rather, they are designed to help you get ready for the exam .

Welcome to your Kubernetes KCNA Question and Answers

What do you call the pattern where you add a second container to the pod to collect logs information?

What is scheduling in Kubernetes

What is container orchestration?

What is Open Container Initiative 'OCI'?

What is FinOps?

You might need to run a stateless application in kubernetes, and you want to be able to scale easily and perform rolling updates. What kubernetes resource type can you use to do this

Which authentication method allows JWTs to authenticate?

What does the 'kops' acronym means?

Flux is built using which toolkit?

What feature is used for selecting the container runtime configuration?


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