Git Quiz : Complete Questions and Answers 2024

Git Quiz : Complete Questions and Answers
Git Quiz : Complete Questions and Answers


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1. You’re working on a feature branch and want to integrate your changes into the main branch without disrupting the main branch’s stability.

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2. You accidentally committed and pushed a change that introduced a critical bug into production. You realize the error right away and need to undo this commit.

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3. You’re collaborating with a team member on a project, and both of you have made changes to the same file. You need to synchronize your changes with your teammate’s.

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4. You’ve finished working on a feature and want to clean up your workspace by removing untracked files and directories

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5. You’ve cloned a repository and want to rename the remote URL to something more meaningful.

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6. You’re in the middle of working on a task but need to switch to a different branch to check out some urgent fixes. You don’t want to commit your current changes yet.

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7. You’ve made several commits and want to revert a specific file to its state in a previous commit.

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8. You’ve realized that a file was mistakenly added to your repository and you want to completely remove it from the entire history of the project.

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9. You want to create a new branch starting from a specific commit instead of the latest commit on the current branch.

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10. You have a patch file generated from another repository and want to apply it to your current repository.

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11. You’re interested in identifying the largest file within your repository to manage storage space more effectively.

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You need to refer to a specific commit in your Git repository.

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13. You want to automate a task whenever a commit is made in your repository.

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14. You’re curious about how Git internally manages changes and stores them in the repository.

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15. You want to automatically trigger a script to run every time someone makes a commit to your repository.

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